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Baron Wolman

Baron Wolman was one the first photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine he was granted unique access to rock and rolls most notorious emerging icons, from Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix.

His reputation with a camera and a story, gave him a ticket to ride tour buses from Haight Ashbury to Woodstock. His cover stories launched legends and gave him the keys to the dressing rooms and homes of rock and rolls biggest stars. He spotted and photographed the tectonic cultural shift of San Franciscos Summer Of Love which heralded the age of the Hippy, even starting his own magazine Rags to explore the scene as the phrase “turn on, tune in, drop out” became the global mantra for a generation.

Baron had one of his largest exhibition at the Centro Cultural Recoleta of his rock and roll archive called “I Saw The Music”, Vi La Musica. More than 100 prints of his work was displayed.

Tristans Gallery are delighted to be able to offer a selection of Baron Wolman, fine art to our collectors.


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