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Justin de Villeneuve

Justin de Villeneuve, the photographer that shot the album cover Pin Ups for David Bowie with Twiggy, became one of the most iconic image of 1970s. 
Justin de Villeneuve photographer, producer, entrepreneur, the photographer that discovered Twiggy, the first supermodel and fashion leader of the 1960s. Tristans Gallery is proud to be able to add Justin de Villeneuve to our list of British iconic photographers.

Justin de Villeneuve, born in London east end just prior to the outbreak of World War II, when the Blitz struck, the young fellow was evacuated to the countryside, where he had the good fortune to be housed with author JB Priestley, whose refined ways made a lasting impression on the lad. In 1965, Justin met a skinny young waif named Lesley Hornby who was keen to break into modeling. Dubbing the coltish ingenue Twiggy, Justin soon found himself managing the career of the hottest model of the era. Regardless who who technically invented it, supermodel Twiggy became the unofficial poster child at the tim for the miniskirt look. Squiring his young charge around fashion shoots, Justin set up his own photographic studio. Discovering a natural talent behind the lens, he was subsequently responsible for capturing some of the most iconic images of the days, many of which, unsurprisingly, featured Twiggy. As a photographer Justin photographed many icons of the 60s and 70s. He photographed Henri Lartigue in 1968, and created the iconic Marsha Hunt, Silhouette poster. Justin showcased some of his most famous work in an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. 

His image are highly collectable and would suit collectors of all genres to complement decor of both classic homes to interiors of new york penthouse.