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Eric Ceccerini - The Painter's Project

For “PAINTERS”, Eric collaborates with a different painter for each photograph. More than 100 of them have been invited throughout Europe and the other continents. The artist paints the model in their own style, while Eric searches for attitudes, then he photographs the result. In this way, the Painters series represents a fusion of two artistic visions – something that’s not always easy to achieve, yet this series epitomizes a sense of cohesion and dynamic synchronicity.

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Past Exhibitions

Tristan’s Gallery has been home to an exciting and varied selection of photographic exhibitions over the past two decades, drawing together work from a diverse range of photographic artists and championing newer up-and-coming photographers as well as well-known names.

We have been proud to showcase the most remarkable prints from leading portrait photographer Terry O’Neill in our previous exhibitions. O’Neill has long been regarded as one of the leading observers and documenters of the most famous faces of our time; many of his portraits have gained iconic status. Everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Michael Cain has posed for O’Neill, via the Beatles, The Who and David Bowie. He invariably achieves a difficult balance of relaxed, spontaneous composition with highly skilled technical artistry, which sets him apart from his contemporaries as a master of his craft.

We have also previously exhibited collections from prestigious artists such as Man Ray, Gered Mankowitz, David Montgomery, Markus Klinko and Frank Horvat.


Past Events

Terry O’Neill Co-signed Prints

Terry O’Neill Photographic Exhibition

Terry O’Neill Exhibition - Masa Fine Art Gallery Celebrity 1968 - 2008 Surfing Sixties - Jack Eden Celebrities Bill Brandt and Anthony Browell Mixed Winter Show

Celebrities: Terry O’Neill

Martin Parr - Cornwall

The Six

Figurative Works


Sally Gall

Frank Hovart

Lewis Morley

Bill Brandt


Silver Summer III

Silver Summer II

Naked Landscape

50° 06' 54 by David Montgomery

Man Ray

A Gift To A Few

Le temps des mannequins

The End of The Land - Andrew Nadolski

Amours Dénudeés - Close to Home

Close to Home

Amours Dénudeés