Tristan's Gallery

Bernard Faucon

Born in 1950, Bernard Faucon created his photographic oeuvre between 1976 and 1995. It is one of the most original and important bodies of work of the late 20th century. 

Often exhibited, reproduced, borrowed, and collected, Faucon's work, paradoxically, remains little known, and its place in contemporary creation is still ill defined.

This is due as much to its singularity, it is a poetic, metaphysical, highly personal body of work, as to the diverse group inspired by it, from the most classic and orthodox in the photographic world to avant-garde artists, as well as novelist, directors, psychoanalysts, Japanese fashion designers.

Over the past 25 years, Bernard Faucon has shown in nearly 250 solo exhibitions and as many group shows, from Leo Castelli in New York City to Yvon Lambert in Paris, in large museums as well as small institutions, because Bernard Faucon says "yes" more easily than "no" !

It seems important today, ten years after the voluntary interruption of his work, to present it in its entirety, to reveal the rigor and logic behind the surprising innovation of his metamorphoses. His themes and obsessions evolve with an economy of means that increases up until the last series, entitled La fin de l'image (The end of the image): an intentional and decisive closure from which Bernard Faucon has not returned