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Mystery and The Face Mask by Formento + Formento

Mystery and The Face Mask

Mystery and The Face Mask

Mystery and The Face Mask  ,photographer team Formento + Formento ,

Formento + Formento  .
There unique images take you into an explosion of color and erotic fantasy .The finest of  photographic sensual art .Formento+Formento staged images cover there world wide travels including the Americas ,Europe ,Asia  using the most outstanding beautiful models and locations , There image would suit any personal space and must be considered by interior designer for entertainment venues .Tristan’s Gallery are delighted  that Formento + Formento contact us to represent them on the world stage .

Tristan’s Gallery are pleased to offer a selection of three different sizes of there iconic prints all hand signed and in a limited edition and come with a certificate of authenticity ,

Tristan’s Gallery offer complimentary shipping world wide included in the purchase price.

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