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John Blakemore

John Blakemore, born in 1936, didn't discover photography until his national service in Tripoli in 1955. He is now one of the British masters of photography, with revered knowledge in both the art of photography and printing, teaching at the University of Derby. Holding an MA in film studies, he is also an external assessor for the Royal College of Art and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society.

Starting as a freelance photographer in 1956, he evolved from his personal work to become one of England's leading landscape photographers, besides working through diverse areas of photography from still life to portraiture and documentary. His published books include 'Inscape', 'Spirit of Place' and 'The Stilled Glaze.' 2002 sees the first exhibition of his colour work, as most of his oeuvre is comprised of black and white images.

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